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Please Note : Samples will only be sent to Industrial Safety manager/employees, Sports Retailers, or Wholesale Distributors.

There are many products out there that claim to work well. But people are often disappointed when they attempt to use the product under actual conditions. We feel is important that you test Fogtech® and/or Raincoat® on your protective optics and in your working conditions before you buy. So please fill out this form and submit for free samples, shipped anywhere in the world at no charge.

We are continually striving to improve our products, so we are keenly interested in how our products perform in real-world applications. We will need your email address so that we may send you a short "check the box" email questionnaire about 21 days after the samples are sent. Please be assured you will not receive any spam from us and we will never sell or rent your email address. We may share your contact information with a local safety equipment supplier if their area of expertise coincides with your application.

Fogtech® Advanced Anti-Fog

Raincoat® Advanced Water Repellent

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