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Fogtech® Advanced One-Step Anti-Fog Raincoat®
Advanced Water Repellent Coating
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raincoat® water repellent coating reviews

Raincoat® Water Repellent is a relatively new product, introduced in March of 2008. Reviews are starting to come in.
• Industry
Michael Schein, Royal Green LLC, Temple, PA, USA  “When it rains, most of our workers are either indoors or inside an equipment cab.  Therefore the primary application we have for Raincoat is the oversized protective plastic shield used by our burners while it is raining.  The water beads off as advertised.  The burner that triggered my Internet search that led me to your product once came in dripping wet for his paycheck, and since I'm involved in safety, I asked him how he could work in the rain, and he said he had to stop every few minutes to clean off his shield, which was slowing him down.  Not any more.  More than pays for itself in productivity, increased safety, and a less frustrated worker.”
• Aircraft

AOPA Magazine Review May 2011, Page 100

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Such is the case with Raincoat, a small bottle that makes a big impact on the visibility out the front of the aircraft. Raincoat is a wax for plastic use only that beads water off the surface, thereby improving visibility. It’s the same theory as Rain-X for auto use. 

The product comes with a series of wipes, an applicator sponge, and a buffer cloth. Application is fairly easy. Put it on the windscreen, buff it off, and Raincoat is applied and ready to go. 

The results are impressive. We applied Raincoat to the right front windscreen of a Cessna Caravan, allowing a direct comparison with the pilot’s side. Our pilot reported dramatically increased visibility in rain. The fl ight also encountered some ice, and Raincoat didn’t negatively affect the TKS fl uid being slung back from the prop either. 

Pros: • Great improves rain visibility • Inexpensive 

Cons: • Have to remember to reapply • Somewhat small applicators


Ed Friedman, Point of View Helicopter Services, Bowdoinham, Maine- A while back you sent me a couple of sample bottles of Raincoat to try on the canopy bubble of my helicopter, a Schweizer 300C. At the time, the helo was in a maintenance hangar for some work and because it gets filthy there in about 5 minutes I waited to clean the bubble well and apply Raincoat until I was back in my normal hangar. This finally happened last week and a couple of days later in the face of incoming bad weather I got a call from the state eagle biologist asking if we might sneak a nest survey in before the rain began.

We got an early start but managed to meet the oncoming rain towards the end of our mission. Rain was never more than light but typically with such a large rounded surface area of bubble and at relatively slow speeds of about 70-80 mph, rain is very difficult to shed and if it does it smears terribly.

I just wanted to let you know of the coincidence of running into rain [only happened once or twice before in the helo-we try and avoid it because of visibility and it can actually damage the rotor blades] in the first flight after applying Raincoat and more importantly, how well your product worked as water instantly beaded up and rolled off. Visibility was never close to being an issue for us as we completed the eagle count enroute back to the airport. Seems like a wonderful product!

• Military
SSG Price Moberly: "We love the products. The Fogtech anti-fog is working great! Haven't been able to see the full results of the raincoat R water repellent yet in the field environment, did use it on a motorcycle shield and absolutely was amazed on how great it worked."
• Sports

Jay Gignac, GI Whizz Racing Team, Hydroplane Race Boat, Greenfield, New Hampshire , USA: "I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that your Raincoat product is the greatest! It works tremendously on my capsule and allows me to compete at a higher level when driving through the corners at 100 mph!"

Raincoat – what an unbiased top race team thinks about it….

We first met Paul from Visorvision at Silverstone in 2010. The team were taking part in the test day just prior to the third round of the National Endurance Championship.

I had already been using the V2 Sponge for years to clean my visor and when I got talking to Paul, realised that it was his company that supplied the product. If you’ve never tried it then I recommend it, it’s the easiest way to clean a visor that I know of. Jonty and I both use it as it’s a quick and easy way to clean our visors between sessions.

The test day was a gorgeous day, clear blue skies with a warm and dry track. After we talked, Paul gave us some other products to try, with no pressure other than “give it a go and let me know what you think”. We parted company on Friday night as he wasn’t going to race on the Saturday.

Race day turned out to be a little different from the test day! Practice was in the dry but right at the start of qualifying the heavens opened and it started to bucket down with rain and it didn’t stop all day.

Jonty and I tried the Raincoat product Paul had left with us to see if it would make a difference and I have to say that both of us were stunned!

The treatment that it gives to your visor means that you don’t get that annoying layer of droplets on the outside of the visor as the moisture builds up. The compound means that water simply balls up and runs off. You don’t even have to do that really annoying “turn your head sideways into the wind stream” malarkey that I’m sure you are all familiar with to clear your visor.

Jonty Dixon battles with the wet, but at least he can see.

Endurance racing doesn't stop when it rains...

Not once did I have to wipe a finger over the visor or even consider moving out into clear air to improve my vision. I simply put the bike where I wanted to and Raincoat took care of the rest. The result was a second place on the day and lap times as quick as Steven Neate, BSB National Superstock rider.

Personally I think that there’s a tremendous amount of cack around product endorsements. Most of the crap you see from the professional riders is based on how much dosh a company is prepared to spend on them and how available the rider is to receive that dosh!!! ; TM72 Racing is an amateur team. We make our money through normal jobs so we don’t have any self-interested commercial agenda to follow.

You can’t race if you can’t see and wet conditions present enough challenges to a rider without having your visibility compromised. When you race in endurance and the conditions are changing it becomes even more important. Every race is declared a wet race so, if it does start raining the clock doesn’t stop, you just have to deal with the conditions.

In my view Raincoat is one of the best products that I have ever used, simple in its execution but effective in its impact. If you value your vision in wet weather conditions I wouldn’t hesitate to use Raincoat.

Andy McKnight
TM72 Racing
UK National Endurance champions 2010


Björn Stenberg from Sweden: "I'm applying it to the visor of a Shoei full-face motorcycle helmet. The conditions are Swedish winter motorcycle commuting, which means rain and snow in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +10°C. It works every bit as good as I hoped it would with rain and road spray: The water just rolls off immediately. Wet snow, however, still sticks to the visor and has to be wiped off manually (gently!). Raincoat still provides an advantage in snow though, since the residual water left on the visor after wiping quickly beads up and rolls off."

Corey from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: "The ride started out overcast and soon turned windy as the front moved in. That peculiarly small drizzle that comes in with the front began to mist up the windshield of the beloved beast. The tiny drops normally make good vision a chore; a hard rain is actually easier to ride in as the drops combine and run down the visor. This would be the first big test of a new product that claims to significantly improve your riding safety in the rain. Raincoat simply worked as advertised. Never a worry about wiping the visor! Even the tiniest drops ran off like they were impacting a hot frying pan!

Many thanks to you for this great product. It's always nice to get something that is both inexpensive and works as advertised! "
Keith F. from BMW Sports Touring in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, USA: "I am REALLY REALLY REALLY pleased with the results. My visor hasn't fogged up once since the application, and the Raincoat does a superb job of keeping the outside clear even during the heaviest downpours. All you need is the tiniest little bit of airflow over your visor, and the water just rolls right off. The other nice added benefit is that the Raincoat makes getting bug guts off a complete breeze. Now the bugs never seem to get stuck to the visor. Its almost as if the Raincoat works like a Teflon coating on a non-stick pan.

I have got into the habit of reapplying both products on the weekends, and it takes care of my visor for the entire week. I'm not a affiliated with the product at all, just one really satisfied customer. I give it two thumbs up.! "
Luna Tique from Two Wheel Females in Knox, New York, USA: "Well it finally happened  I got caught in a downpour and the Raincoat worked great!  The rain beaded up & slid off my shield. The smallest of droplets that remained did NOT interfere with my vision. It was humid and misting before the downpour and I expected my shield to start to fog (as it had done in the past ) but to my delight it did NOT.  The Fogtech also worked great. I like both of these products."
Dave Phillipson, Kalamazoo, MI-I just did a 5 day trip to Deals Gap in the Smokies and it rained so hard the day we were riding the Dragon that the bikes I was ridingwith had to pull off the road. With Raincoat, I could see just fine.

Rod Fleming, MSF Instructor, Spring Valley, California, USA :Hey you must have read my mind. I was thinking I would write you after work today. On our trip to Southern Utah we hit thunderstorms. I was very happy with rain coat it worked very well to help the water sheet off the windshield and the mist beaded up and I had the best visibility I have ever had in both heavy and light rain/misty conditions. I recommend rain coat,it really worked good for me."

 M. Russell: "The new instructions you sent made a big difference in the application of Raincoat. I love this stuff!  It will forever be in my saddle bag. I wish I could use it on the paint also. It makes clean up a breeze on my wind shield and beads water like nothing I have ever seen.  THANK YOU!"

Mark, Motorcyle Rider in Princeton, Illinois, USA : "I noticed a side effect of Raincoat®. A good one! Bugs wipe off completely with a soft cloth! No cleaning spray or wet-wipes needed. Now that's cool! .."
Larry Crystal, Epicurean Riders, Wilton, Iowa, USA: This is larry from the epicurean site, I have a surprising result about the rain coat. I took a 400+ ride yesterday with a group of 12 riders. I hadn't worn my helmet since coating it with the rain coat and after the first 100 miles of riding, my helmet had less bug debris on my visor than any of the helmet. It didn't dawn on me until all the other riders wondered why my visor wasn't plastered and showed me their visors, I looked, then they told me they couldn't see hardly at all. Every single rider had to go to the bathroom to soap wash their visors, all I did was just use the small cloth and buff the surface again. Even the front of my bike was hardly touched, it looked as clean as I first started the ride and all the other bike fairings and windshields were plastered with bug juice and dirt. I'll keep you more updated as I ride, but just wanted to let you know how the product is performing. Anyways, just giving you heads up.



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