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Fogtech® Advanced One-Step Anti-Fog Raincoat®
Advanced Water Repellent Coating
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Fogtech® reviews


There are literally hundreds of reviews of Fogtech® that I have received or found on the web. There are now so many, that there is no way I can keep with with all of the good press.

You can find many of those reviews by typing - fogtech OR "fog tech" (including the quotes) - into your favorite search engine like Google or Yahoo.

I am going to post a few of the most current or unique opinions below. If you need more information on using Fogtech® in a particular application, or if you want to tell me how my products worked for you in your sport or on the job please email me.

    Commercial/Industrial Reviews (Used with permission)
    • Gary Hanson, Behavioral Safety Facilitator, British Petroleum: “For years we have been looking for an anti-fog product to use in the North Slope Oilfields of Alaska.  Our employees have to wear safety goggles and glasses in extremely low temperatures.  Our employees were not always able to wear eye protection because of fogging and therefore were exposing themselves to possible accidents or injuries to their eyes. Fogtech® is the only anti-fog that has worked effectively for us..” 3/12/05
    • Ethel Gaynor, Safety Leader, Sunny Delight Beverages Company, Dayton, New Jersey, USA: "During the summer months we struggle with condensation forming on the safety glasses of our logistics techs when going in & out of coolers to hot and humid areas. We have tried many other anti fogging solutions over the years, to the point of when I first introduced Fogtech® to the site the first reaction was; ‘this isn’t going to work- nothing does’. Not only does Fogtech® work, it has been so successful I have a hard time keeping it on the shelf."7/15/05
    • Brian Law, Safety Specialist, ISOCHEM, Inc.: "As a Safety Specialist, We have had a significant problem with fogging eye protection, especially on our Level A hazmat suits.  We have tried many products that claim to prevent fogging.  But until Fogtech®, we have not found any that work consistently well. We tested Fogtech® on our Dupont hazmat suits and on safety goggles in variety of conditions with outstanding results.” 3/12/06
    • Greg Babb, NW Safety Manager, Manson Construction Company, Seattle, Washington, USA: "One of the most common excuses in the Northwest for not wearing safety glasses is “I took off my safety glasses because they keep fogging up” I never hear that excuse since we started using Fogtech® anti-fog wipes.  Now when it’s raining in Seattle, our crews constantly remind me to make sure I keep plenty of Fogtech® anti-fog wipes on hand."12/28/06
Unique Applications - Fogtech® has been used in diverse manners from defogging parking meters, removing the mist from an exotic mushroom tank, and even allowing Santa Claus to see the children he has sitting on his lap. Seems that all that lifting, heavy clothes and a full beard really steams up his glasses. Santa wrote me in January 2008, " I used your anti-fog product during my visit during Christmas. This is the only product that has worked all the time. You can add to the advertisement that Fogtech is Santa approved."



Jason S. from London, England: "Now I can look cool and see what I'm shooting at as well!!!!"

Adam Grieves, Kentucky, USA: "the stuff works awesome."


–Auto Racing


Earl Ihrie from New Jersey, USA (Races an FF2000): "Verdict - This is the best stuff I have ever used."

Ron L. from Santa Rosa, California, USA: "Amazing, to say the least."




Go-One Review, USA:"Worked like a charm."

Greg Parra from Portland, Oregon, USA: "But yesterday I didn't have one single fog issue."


–Diving and Snorkeling


Beth Seals from California, USA "I tried fogtech and it worked wonderfully!"


–Fencing, Shooting, Archery, and Hunting, USA: "The ultimate Anti Fog application."

Luke Eames on, Varysburg, NY, USA: "it works GREAT!!!!!!!!"


–Ice and Roller Hockey


David DeSmith from Yarmouth, Maine, USA "It's a real godsend.."

'deadzone' from "This stuff works ridiculously well."


–Military, Police, Fire Equipment


Sean Lambertz, Souith Bound Brook Volunteer Fire Department: "I was able to apply the sample to my face mask before going in to a recent fire.  The outcome was very good.  The mask did not get any fog on them before going in to the fire, which is an issue most times.  Their was a small bit of hazing I noticed when in the bright lights but that didn’t cause any impairment. Thank you for being patient as it was difficult to remember to apply the material before running in to a burning structure."


Lt. Robb Parthemore , Perkins Police Department, Sandusky, Ohio USA: "I was amazed that my scope did not fog up."

Self Defense Armory Review Oceanside, California, USA: "This stuff is light years ahead..."


–Motorcycle Reviews


Dirt Rider Magazine

Jesse Ziegler from Dirt Rider Magazine: "Go ride in fog free bliss!" (December 2006 Print Issue)

Ride Magazine Best Buy

Ride Magazine March 2008 Issue gives the Green Triangle to Fogtech! - "The brilliant and inexpensive Fog Tech wins Best Buy for providing great results in all conditions."

K.B. Bezdicek - Hokah, MN, USA" I have a Scorpion that lost it's fog-free visor "punch". I ordered both Raincoat and Fogtech from Motosolutions and received my order in a couple days. I put the stuff on and have been really pleased.

The Fogtech works great for me, and although I just missed a nice thunderstorm this morning before work, I'm pretty sure the Raincoat will do the trick as well.

YMMV, but I'm happy with what I got."
Keith F. from BMW Sports Touring in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania,, USA: "I am REALLY REALLY REALLY pleased with the results. My visor hasn't fogged up once since the application, and the Raincoat does a superb job of keeping the outside clear even during the heaviest downpours. All you need is the tiniest little bit of airflow over your visor, and the water just rolls right off. The other nice added benefit is that the Raincoat makes getting bug guts off a complete breeze. Now the bugs never seem to get stuck to the visor. Its almost as if the Raincoat works like a Teflon coating on a non-stick pan.

I have got into the habit of reapplying both products on the weekends, and it takes care of my visor for the entire week. I'm not a affiliated with the product at all, just one really satisfied customer. I give it two thumbs up.! "
Luna Tique from Two Wheel Females in Knox, New York, USA: "Well it finally happened  I got caught in a downpour and the Raincoat worked great!  The rain beaded up & slid off my shield. The smallest of droplets that remained did NOT interfere with my vision. It was humid and misting before the downpour and I expected my shield to start to fog (as it had done in the past ) but to my delight it did NOT.  The Fogtech also worked great. I like both of these products."


–Musher and Sledding


Theresa D. from Alaska, USA: "It's 8 below zero today and FOGTECH is doing it's job."

Lance Mackey (Iditarod and four time Yukon Quest Champion) Alaska, USA: "The Fogtech was a hit!"


–Paintball 38 reviewers rate Fogtech a perfect 10 out of 10!!

Joe S. from New Jersey, USA: "DID NOT FOG ALL DAY!!!!! NOTHING, zip, zero, zilch, nada."




'Mach1' from Grandville, Michigan, USA: "I raced 8 races, over 6 hours, and it lasted the whole time"

Dan Kouba from Idaho, USA: "We'll never race without it again."


–Ski and Snowboard


TeleBruce from REI Website Review: "Yes, it really does work. I wear glasses with Ski Goggles, or prescription Glacier glasses. I have no problems at all with fogging, even with heavy exertion.
I've tried everything, CatCrap, didn't work, Parker's Perfect, didn't work, home made anti fog brews, never worked.
This product is fantastic. Easy to use, just paint it on and wait 15 seconds. No rubbing, no smeary lenses. No I don't work for them or sell the stuff."


"M.L.""the most outstanding "anti fogging" product that I have used in 40 years"

Mark L. from New Zealand: "Nothing actually worked as FogTech did."


–Sky Diving, Parachuting


Paul Floyd, BPA Category Systems Instructor, BPA Accelerated Freefall Instructor from Great Britain: "I did 20 jumps with it on so far, its fantastic..."













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