We have a growing list of distributors around the world who carry Fogtech® and/or Raincoat®. We are actively seeking additional distributors and would be happy to send SAMPLES or literature to you.

If you don't see your current supplier here please ask them to contact us about becoming an authorized Fogtech® or Raincoat® distributor. Or contact us and give us their contact information.

Because we have a large list of retailers, we have decided to discontinue our online store. If you are looking to buy Fogtech® or Raincoat® for your personal use, please search on Amazon, eBay or other online stores. If you don’t see what you want or you need advice, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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Company Territory Market Catalog/ Material /Product Number
SPI Health & Safety
CanadaIndustrial SafetyFTBDX100
Ultimate AirsoftCanadaMilitary/Sports
Atom AirsoftFinlandSports
ElisFranceIndustrial Safety
VisorvisionUnited KingdomSports
AirgasUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyMO3FTBDX100
Alaska SafetyUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyZZFOGDX100
Alaska TextilesUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyzzFTPKD100
Amped AirsoftUnited StatesSports
Arctic Fire and SafetyUnited StatesIndustrial Safety
BunzlUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyB7540093
Chuting StarUnited StatesSports
Conney SafetyUnited StatesIndustrial Safety211822
Cycle GearUnited StatesSports
DXPUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyMOTOS FTBDX100
GraingerUnited StatesIndustrial Safety328UR1 & 328UR2 CAMO
IBT Inc.United StatesIndustrial Safety
Kurtis USAUnited StatesIndustrial Safety
Martin SupplyUnited StatesSports Eyewear
Motion IndustriesUnited StatesIndustrial Safety
Northern SafetyUnited StatesIndustrial Safety232576
OBBCOUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyFTBXD100
Pennsylvania ToolUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyS-07059937
Quad City SafetyUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyFOGBX100
REI (Recreational Equipment)United StatesWinter Sports
Ritz SafetyUnited StatesIndustrial SafetyOFOGTECH
S & S Supplies and SolutionsUnited StatesIndustrial Safety2719856
SafetEquipUnited StatesIndustrial Safety
Safety Supply SouthUnited StatesIndustrial Safety
SkirmishUnited StatesSports
Sports Accessories of AmericaUnited StatesWinter Sports
Square One ParachuteUnited StatesSports
SS AirsoftUnited StatesSports
Sunny SportsUnited StatesSports
Supply CoreUnited StatesMilitary
Tactical CrusaderUnited StatesSports
ThermoFisher ScientificUnited StatesScientific SupplyNC0472044
Ultimate PaintballUnited StatesSports
UnimedUnited StatesSafety/MedicalFTPKD100
US ToolUnited StatesIndustrial Safety
VallenUnited StatesIndustrial Safety939888
WileyXUnited StatesMilitary/Sports
United StatesSports