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Fogtech® Advanced One-Step Anti-Fog Raincoat®
Advanced Water Repellent Coating
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about motosolutions

MotoSolutions was established in 2003 and is headquartered in Rodeo, California, USA which is about 20 miles north east of San Francisco.  Originally the company was dedicated to improving the motorcycling experience. But it quickly became clear that other sports participants and industrial employees are affected by vision problems caused by water or fog on their protective eyewear.   These vision problems can slow performance, reduce safety, injure workers and cost money.

Our first product was Fogtech Advanced One Step Anti-Fog which was introduced in mid-2003.  We believe that it is the best anti-fog (anti-mist) on the market.  Fogtech is a topical anti-fog that is self spreading and requires no rubbing.  Each application can last for days—three to five days is typical. While sports enthusisats originally adopted our product, it is Industrial Safety that is our major market. It turns out that a major objection to wearing safety eyewear is fogging.

In 2008, we are introducing Raincoat Advanced Water Repellent Coating.  Raincoat works by shedding water off plastic lenses so drops will not distort your vision.   At the same time Raincoat keeps eyewear and plastic shields/windows cleaner and can reduce ice and snow build up.  Raincoat is easy to apply and is completely transparent, yet lasts for days even in heavy downpours.









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