MotoSolutions® was established in 2003 and is currently headquartered in Fairfield, CA, USA. Our distribution warehouse is located in Vacaville, CA, USA. Originally the company was dedicated to improving the motorcycling experience. But it quickly became clear that other sports participants and especially industrial employees are greatly affected by vision problems caused by fogging on their protective eyewear. These vision problems can slow performance, reduce safety, injure workers and cost employers significantly.

Our first product was Fogtech® Advanced One Step Anti-Fog. We believe that it is the best anti-fog (anti-mist) on the market. Fogtech® is a topical anti-fog that is self-spreading and requires no rubbing. Each application can last for days—three to five days is typical.

In 2008, we introduced Raincoat® Water Repellent. Raincoat® is designed to repel water drops from plastic optics. These drops can cling to lenses or shields and cause distorted viewing and reflections.

All of MotoSolutions® products are 100% Made in the United States of America.

All Motosolutions products are the best anti-fog and anti-rain products offered on the market today.
They include advanced quality features that surpass other products that may include the following::

• Anti fog for glasses
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• Anti rain for glasses
• Windshield Rain Repellent wipes
• Anti fogging Spray for glasses
• Anti fogging wipes for glasses
• Water repellent wipes
• Anti fogging Spray
• Anti fogging wipes
• Anti rain for glasses wipes
• Anti rain wipes for safety glasses
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• Anti water repellent for glasses

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Fogtech®DX is targeted specifically to prevent fogging on today's high tech plastics and glass. It quickly provides crystal clear vision through safety goggles, glasses, prescription glasses or face shields. Advanced ingredients enable Fogtech® to safely coat these lenses with a transparent, long-lasting layer that instantly soaks up fog before it can obscure vision.        
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Introduced in March of 2008, Raincoat® has been in development for nearly five years. I was determined to offer a coating that worked well and lasted a long time.

Water on plastic lenses, shields or windows can destroy your vision. Those drops distort what you see and at night they cause distracting reflections. This distortion can be deadly when riding a motorcycle in the rain.
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We feel is important that you test Fogtech® and/or Raincoat® on your protective optics and in your environment before you buy. So please fill out this form and submit for free samples, shipped anywhere in the world at no charge.

Please Note--Samples will only be sent to Industrial Safety manager/employees, Sports Retailers, or Wholesale Distributors.
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